Understanding the priorities and concerns of mutual fund investors is critical to the outcome of shareholder meetings. 40多年了, we have served as a strategic partner to mutual funds and assisted them in the management of critical proxy campaigns. bet9九卅娱乐在线登录 Fund Solutions offers an innovative suite of specialized advisory services and the customized solutions to meet each client’s unique needs.

bet9九卅娱乐在线登录 recently introduced ProxyIQ™, a faster, more efficient proxy campaign platform. 利用blockchain-based技术, ProxyIQ为您的代理投票提供更大的速度和透明度. 它交付了明确定义的过程, 执行的确定性, 丰富的数据和无懈可击的结果. 这个多功能的新平台可以支持任何规模的投票活动, 即使面对最具挑战性的最后期限. Learn more.


维权咨询 & 分析服务

When your closed-end fund becomes vulnerable to activist fund initiatives, 理解未来的挑战至关重要, and to have a strategy in place to ensure your message is heard by all of your shareholders. bet9九卅娱乐在线登录基金解决方案帮助您跟踪当前的激进主义趋势, 保持与维权投资者的关系, 用定制的策略来对抗威胁.

Annual & 特别会议服务

Our services help support mutual funds in all areas of the shareholder meeting process. 我们协助活动的各个方面, from planning, printing, mailing, tabulation, solicitation, 报告和投票证明.


Mutual fund proxy campaigns require a high level of sophistication and analytics, particularly in working to identify and motivate fund investors to exercise their votes. We provide Mutual Fund Services that help each client develop the right cost effective plan to reach their shareholders and ultimately achieve a favorable outcome.


Closed-end funds' and BDC's contests can take various forms and involve a range of issues. These include board election challenges and advisory agreement terminations. 风险很高, 因为这一结果可以重新定义imf的控制权, 其战略方向和股东价值. bet9九卅娱乐在线登录 Fund Solutions helps companies minimize these distractions by organizing and managing the process.


在计划配股时, you need to have full confidence in the seamless communications with your information agent. 与bet9九卅娱乐在线登录基金解决方案合作, you are assured of seamless transactions and the highest commitment to customer service.



具有丰富的代理招揽业务经验, we have successfully managed some of the most complex initiatives ever conducted. We maintain two call centers with the capacity to staff more than 2,000专业人士, 谁有能力与大约100人交谈,每天有000名股东. Our clients rely on us for experience-based insight and guidance, and we respond with customized solutions that meet each client’s unique needs.


bet9九卅娱乐在线登录 Fund Solutions has long understood the important role of technology and analytics. We offer clients innovative, technology-based solutions that can be tailored to meet their needs. 我们在内部运作, secure online voting platform which allows a shareholder to vote multiple accounts with just one of their controls numbers. Our multiple outreach campaigns increase voting percentages to the required level. 除了帮助确保一个有利的结果, our solution offers clients greater efficiencies and cost savings.




  • 每天处理超过16.5万股东联系人的能力
  • 超过1000个座位的安全设施
  • 到目前为止,已经完成了6800万次通话
  • 为客户处理超过4500万件邮件
  • 记录在案的选票超过2000万张

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“bet9九卅娱乐在线登录目前正在为我们征集代理人. 我还没有收到一个股东的投诉,这太令人惊讶了! There’s a nuance and bet9九卅娱乐在线登录’s style seems to be different and easier for shareholders to engage with."